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Best Teas to Calm Down

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The simple task of brewing herbs with hot water has many positive effects on the body and leads to the best teas to calm down. I tried so many calming teas – here are the ones that actually help when dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

*All links marked with AL are affiliate links. If you buy through this link, you incur no additional costs, but I get a small commission. All mentioned and showed products were paid for by myself because I personally use them.

How to brew tea?

Sipping a hot tea can be very comforting when you’re dealing with stress and anxiety. It’s a little moment of zen you can bring into your daily routines of self-care or use to soothe your nerves when needed.

The whole brewing can be a tiny ritual: Choose a cup with meaning as your favorite. This can have the power to be your confidence or calming booster. Every time you’re using it, you remind yourself that this will calm you down and relieve stress.

Each type of tea has a different temperature and steeping time. Make sure to check the label of the box to find out how hot the water needs to be and how long the tea bag or leaves should stay in the cup. Maybe even get a water kettle (AL) where you can enter the perfect temperature. Cover the cup during steeping time with a lid like a saucer to get the best taste.

List of the best teas to calm down:

1. Chamomile

Chamomile has many relaxing properties: It can calm down nerves and reduce anxiety, helps with insomnia and other sleep problems, is valued as a digestive relaxant, and has been used to treat various gastrointestinal disturbances (flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea).

best teas to calm down

Eilles Camomile

If you’re looking for tea bags, Eilles Camomile (AL) is the best. The mild flavor with a hint of honey nearly immediately soothed my stomach and helped me destress in the evening.

best teas to calm down

Herbaria Chamomile

If you’re more into loose tea, my favorite chamomile tea comes from Herbaria (AL). The smell, taste, and quality are very good, and you can also put the blossoms in your bathtub.

2. Lavender

There is an indication that lavender increases deep sleep. It may also support the brain to produce happy hormones and reduce stress hormones.

best teas to calm down

Teaclub Chill’n’Lavendel

This tea is a mix of lavender, lemon balm, fennel, and more. It smells and tastes mainly like lavender. The teaclub chill’n’Lavendel (AL) was my go-to choice for calming down in the evening before going to bed.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint is great for your digestive system, especially when anxiety comes with stomach issues. It also soothes headaches that come from muscle tension when you’re stressed. Plus: it tastes good hot and cold.

best teas to calm down

Frank Tea Calm Down

My favorite mint mix from frank tea (AL) includes chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, and more. It is perfect for sipping throughout the day and during work.

4. Green

Green tea provides many antioxidants and contains L-Theanine, which can calm down your nerves. One cup can be a significant relief. But don’t drink too much because it also contains caffeine which can increase stress levels.

best teas to calm down


Whenever I buy green tea, I choose the loose or bagged ones from KUSMI. They have so many different mixes, and I love all of them. I’m linking a set of five different green tea flavors (AL), so you can try which one you like best. The metallic cans look great on the shelf 😉 Perfect for a soothing cup of tea in the afternoon.

5. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm has a significant anti-anxiety effect because of its tranquilizing abilities. It can also decrease stress and contribute to a better mood.

best teas to calm down

BIO Lemon Balm

This pure lemon balm tea (AL) has a fantastic citrus smell and taste. I drank it whenever I felt like my mood was swinging around a lot, and I was constantly nervous. It helped calm down, and my heart rate wasn’t going up so often.

best teas to calm down

Bad Heilbrunner Sleep Tea

This one was hard to get to because it smells pretty weird and tastes quite bitter. But the effect is on point. Falling asleep after having one cup of that tea was way easier for me. Bad Heilbrunner (AL) is a combination of lemon balm, valerian root and passionflower.

6. Rose

Researchers found that rose tea affects the same receptors in the brain that medication uses to relieve anxiety and panic attacks.

best teas to calm down

Gourmetia Rose

The smell alone makes me think the world is fine, and I’m walking through a field of flowers. Gourmetia Roses (AL) is my favorite choice when it comes to self-care and wellness teas because, to me, it is definitely a mood booster and reduces anxiety.

Those were my personal bets teas to calm down. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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