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Mudras for anxiety: Calm down with finger yoga

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Mudras are intentional yoga poses for your fingers and hands. Holding them requires attention and awareness. Combine them with breathing, and they help you focus. That’s why mudras for anxiety have the power to calm you down.

Anxiety can show up differently for everyone affected. It can start with racing thoughts or restless nights and lead to panic attacks. Grounding and meditation are powerful tools to reduce anxiety. This is when „Finger Yoga“ comes into place.

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Kalesvara Mudras for Anxiety: Heart

Anxiety often comes with a pounding heart that’s hard to calm down. The Kalesvara Mudra can help you create an anchor and actively calm down, destress, and recover faster.

Stand or sit down upright. Bring your hands together and have your fingertips touch. Now fold your index finger, so the second knuckles touch. Do the same with your ring and little finger. When you look down, it should look like a heart shape. Move your hand close to the body, so the thumbs touch your sternum (middle point between breasts) and your middle finger points upwards.

Hold the mudra at your sternum and slowly breathe in and out while closing your eyes. Inhale for four counts and exhale for six counts. Imagine light in your favorite color within your heart getting brighter every time you inhale. Imagine your fear flowing down from your heart through your legs and feet into the ground when you exhale. Repeat this for about ten minutes or until you feel calm again.

Kalesvara Mudra

Mahamayuri MudraS FOR ANXIETY: Head

When you get anxious because you don’t think you have control over your thoughts, try the Mahamayuri Mudra to stop the mind spiral and declutter your thoughts.

Bring your hands together and interlace the fingers into each other. Keep your little finger straight and the thumbs parallel. Now hold your hands over your head. Breath in and imagine a bright light extending in your head. When you exhale, make the noise „AUM.“ You might feel your head vibrating a bit. Continue breathing slowly for about five minutes.

Mahamayuri Mudra

Vishuddha MudraS FOR ANXIETY: Throat

This one is for you when you are anxious about speaking up or have low self-confidence. It’s perfect before you have to present in a meeting or go on stage.

Sit in a cross-legged position and relax your shoulders. Lay your hands in your lap (close to the navel) and intertwine the fingers. Press your thumb tips against each other but remember to stay relaxed within your arms. Now breathe in and out slowly. Every time you exhale, you hum the sound „HAMMMM,“ so your throat vibrates. This brings your voice into a deeper speaker tone, which will be perceived as more confident, and helps to calm down. Continue breathing for about five to ten minutes.

Vishuddha Mudra

Books to read

If this content resonates with you and you want to dive deeper into the topic, I can recommend reading the following books: The Healing Power of Mudras: The Yoga of the Hands (English) (AL) and Heilen mit Mudras (Deutsch)(AL).

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