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Recipe Anti-Anxiety Dinner: „Orange Salmon“

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

Even when suffering from anxiety, it's possible to have a lovely fancy dinner. I had good experiences with eating fish in the evening. Here is my favorite recipe.

Have you ever tried salmon with oranges?! If you haven't, add the following ingredients to your shopping list. It tastes fantastic, looks special, and is fast and easy to make🤤

Recipe Anti-Anxiety Breakfast: Overnight Oats „Mango Lassi“

Stefanie Schornsheim 0

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast! I spent a lot of time figuring out what kind of food gave me the best energy and power to start the day motivated, inspired and less anxious.

One of the best things was a variety of oats. Here is the first recipe I want to share with you: Overnight oats with mango and yogurt 🤤

Find Your Confidence Booster: How to Feel Powerful and Sexy

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

"Fake it till you make it" is real! I was shy and insecure but I started pretending that I am confident, powerful, and sexy. And it worked over time!

The following steps are based on my personal experience. Those helped me a lot in building confidence, especially when presenting something to other people, going in front of a camera, or just going out. Up until today, I am following them like a routine before I do any kind of public speaking.

7 Inspiring TED Talks

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

When you’re struggling, it can be helpful to change your perspective and check out how other people see the world. Ted talks are really good for this.