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8 Benefits of meditation and meditative writing

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

There is currently a lot happening in the world that is hard to deal with. Those events are likely to trigger anxious thoughts or even panic attacks when you're dealing with anxiety. One way of dealing with the news can be meditation or meditative writing.

Meditation has such a long history as some eastern communities already practiced it centuries ago to destress, focus, and redirect thoughts. It comes with many benefits for your mental and physical health. I want to share eight of them that I experienced myself.

Decluttering helps to reduce anxiety

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

Subconsciously we perceive things lying around or dirty spots as a mess and unfinished tasks. If we don't act on them, they build up. When I started cleaning my house, I felt more relieved every day when I came home.

Here are some easy to use tools and tips so you can achieve the same.

7 Inspiring TED Talks

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

When you’re struggling, it can be helpful to change your perspective and check out how other people see the world. Ted talks are really good for this.