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Best Teas to Calm Down

Stefanie Schornsheim 2

I tried so many calming teas - here are the best teas to calm down that actually help when dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

Find Your Confidence Booster: How to Feel Powerful and Sexy

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

"Fake it till you make it" is real! I was shy and insecure but I started pretending that I am confident, powerful, and sexy. And it worked over time!

The following steps are based on my personal experience. Those helped me a lot in building confidence, especially when presenting something to other people, going in front of a camera, or just going out. Up until today, I am following them like a routine before I do any kind of public speaking.

Start Doing Things for Yourself

Stefanie Schornsheim 1

This week, we're talking about self-care: Suppose you've been wondering how to shift from needing validation or being a people-pleaser to someone who takes care of themselves. In that case, I'm addressing it all in today's post.