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What’s the difference between stress and anxiety?

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There was a time when I felt distressed and confused about the feelings of stress or anxiety – I couldn’t differentiate between the two emotions. Once there was an urgent project, I wanted it to be perfect; I stayed up all night and worked till my eyes were sore. I was nervous, restless, and downright exhausted to my bones. It felt like I had a bee’s nest in my belly.

Sleep seemed like a distant friend, even though I was exhausted. My thoughts were looping around the project, and when I was ready to deliver it, a shock wave hit my head, and the ground started moving in circles. It was a panic attack, and I had to call in sick, missing the deadline. So, was this stress or anxiety?

Is stress natural?

Yes, stress is natural, but coping with it is another matter. Experts say it is an immensely hectic task to deal with stress. Furthermore, if not dealt with within time, it can turn into a chronic condition that may lead to problematic mental and physical ailments.

How do stress and anxiety differ?

Most people understand stress and anxiety as something similar. They are in a matching pool, but a vivid line separates them and their meanings.

Stress occurs when your body is faced with a threat, consciously or unconsciously. Similarly, anxiety is when your body responds to that threat with unusual and troubling conditions.

Anxiety harms more than you think

All are thanks to anxiety, from feelings of impending doom to panic attacks. Furthermore, anxiety is also the mother of headaches, depression, intense heartbeat, stomach upset, breathing problems, and even loss of sexual fitness.

Moreover, it will harm your body’s recovery functions, leading you to feel tired. Likewise, most of your daily routine is affected when you are tired.

Most medical experts have proven that anxiety is the primary cause of high blood pressure, one of the worst conditions.

Do you feel anxious?

Do you feel tired most of the time and often have awful sensations in your stomach and lungs? There is a high probability that you have anxiety problems.

breathing techniques when facing anxiety and stress
Click here or on the picture to find four breathing techniques when facing anxiety and stress.

Meditation, deep breathing, and regular exercise are some of the most successful remedies to cope with anxiety and stress. We live in an age of a fast-paced automated lifestyle that does not permit us extra time for our well-being. If you work a 9 to 5, you must take at least one day off a week.

Furthermore, waking up early and a morning walk can work wonders in dealing with these troubling conditions. If you are an evening person, then an hour of long walk or exercise will push anxiety and stress out of your body within days.

Overcome anxiety and stress step-by-step

Anxiety and stress are a natural response of your body to your lifestyle, dealings, and social activities. There is no need to be afraid of these conditions, but you must be willing to face them ahead and work on the remedies.

Whether you are a student struggling for better grades, a job seeker trying hard to land that dream job, or a person trying to provide for their family, be strong and face anxiety and stress head-on and implement the discussed solutions. These are steps on your way to getting rid of these problems.

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